Digitize your School with SAKAL APP

SAKAL APP , a cloud-based School management software, provides you with over 40 modules to simplify your school management operations. SAKAL APP is developed keeping in mind, the diverse needs of educational institutions. To cater to the industry demands, we’ve created multiple interfaces for parents, teachers, and drivers to improve the outcomes of routine tasks.

Discover Our Smart Features

SAKAL APP is an award winning School Management System with 12+ years of experience offering fully automated cloud solution for your institution. The Sakal APP software offers a fantastic experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, it makes it easier for institutions to manage their day-to-day operations effectively..

Easy to Use

There is no need for prior Knowledge to get started with our SAKAL APP as the system is quite easy to use.

Secured Backup

This education SAKAL APP software stores backup securely to protect data from accidental data loss, corruption, and unauthorized access.

Powerful Reporting

Faculty members can generate reports of each student separately to keep an eye on their performance using this SAKAL APP.

Training & Support

We offer complete training in the SAKAL APP software to help institutions get started in no time and hassle.

Choose Plans

Choose the right school management software plan to get an affordable and simple way to digitize your school.


Saves Time

Use our automated SAKAL APP to automate administrative and non-administrative tasks to save time.

Saves Money

Since our SAKAL APP software is fully cloud-based and offers various modules, there is no need to buy additional software.

Fully Cloud Based

Since our SAKAL APP is a fully cloud-based solution, Faculties can store unlimited data securely without any restriction.



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